IBC Hackfest


Providing statistics about CDN providers.


One of the sponsors at IBC Hackfest was Streamzilla, and their challenge at the event was:………

What it does

An online tool for content providers to test out CDNs for providing video streams, and to monitor the quality received by the end user, as well as receive a timeline of events such as buffering video and dropped frames.

It had three main features:

QoE Triangulation

Actively discovering viewer connection problems by comparison between multiple route mid-points.

Manifest Engineering

Strategicially injecting, proxying and redirecting to gather media request analytics with minimal client disruption.


Real-time visual representation of a user’s video experience by leveraging data agregated from our servers and the client’s themselves.

How we built it

We continued to use Meteor for the frontend and backend of the application and used our knowledge of video streaming that we had accrued while on our placement year at Techex.

What we learned

We learned how to inject code into a video so that we could carry out the redirection for gathering information.