BattleHack Hackathon


Helping charities manager their accounts.


The aim of the hackathon was to be a “hacker for good”; to solve a local problem, or to aid a charity. We also had to integrate the Paypal / Braintree API.

What it does

We developed a bookkeeping web application for small organisations and charities who can’t afford to spend money on big pieces of software.

How we built it

We built the application using Nodejs and Angular, and then sponsor APIs such as Braintree, Pushed and SendGrid.

Challenges we ran into

My teammate forgot his laptop charger so we lost sometime trying to find a nearby shop where he could by a new one. We also encountered a few issues trying to use Pusher for the first time. Pusher is a set of libraries that make it easier to build real-time web applications. This meant that we weren’t able to spend as long as we wanted to on the actual design of the application.

What we learned

To always make sure that we have our laptop chargers, and to come up with backup libraries to use when trying to take on a new sponsor API.