SpaceApps Hackathon


A commercial plane tracking application.


To engage with open data to address real-world problems, on Earth and in space. Work alone or with a team to solve challenges that could help change the world.

What it does

We combined Google Maps, with near real time flight path data, and cloud coverage, to provide an authentic view from a requested flight. “Come Fly with me was the best example of a fully working demo after 24 hours and something we could see airlines being interested to show where you are in flight in as well as friends / family interested in where loved ones are currently mid flight.”

How we built it

We used HTML, CSS and Javascript, specifically three.js for the graphics. Originally we used the Google Maps API, but changed this to the Esri API.

What I learned

This was my first experience having to work with three.js, a 3D Javascript framework for building WebGL animations. I found the framework a little tricky to get going with at first, but once I had started to understand the library I thoroughly enjoyed using it, and hope to use it again in a future project.

What happend to ComeFlyWithMe

Following on from winning People’s Choice Award at SpaceApps London, we were invited to demo our web application at the 2015 UK Annual Esri Conference. We took out the Google Maps API that we had used for the hackathon, and added an Esri map, as well as updating the user interface of the application.

What we won

People’s Choice Award, Arduino kits and a tour of Inmarsat HQ.