Good Night Hackathon

Good Night

An app to help prevent hangovers the next day.


The event was hosted by Diageo, and the task for the weekend was to develop an application, or technology to help individuals drink more responsibly.

What it does

We produced an application that could monitor peoples drink patterns through a night, and allow them to set times they wanted to be sober by. Users added the drinks they had purchased in real time, and the app tracked their blood alcohol levels to try and prevent hangovers the next day.

How we built it

The project was built using HTML, Javascript, CSS and PHP, as well as PhoneGap for quickly building Android and iOS applications.

What I learned

This was the first hackathon where I tried to use PhoneGap to package up mobile applications, and the setup required was a little too much for the limited 24 hours that we had. This was also the first hackathon where I participated without knowing any of the participants, so it was a great experience having to talk to other attendees about their skill sets and try to establish a team and an idea to build.