Real World Studios Hackathon


A collaborative password style game.


The challenge was to create an app using Gabble, a language made up of images which had Peter Gabriel as an investor. We wanted to come up with a game that could also be used to gather training data so that better images could be picked to represent a given word.

What it does

Gabblr is a collaborative turn-based social game. Players provide one another hints (using Gabble) to work out the phrase or word. If a player manages to guess the word after 1 clue, they get 5 points, and then the number of points decreases as more clues are required.

How we built it

The game was built using HTML, CSS, Javascript and jQuery Mobile with a PHP backend.

What I learned

This was my first hackathon, so was a major learning curve, and where I first got the bug for hackathons. Having not done much CSS and Javascript development before, I was proud with how I was able to pickup these languages, and make some real progress over the weekend. Overall I learned how to use CSS, Javascript and jQuery Mobile, as well as basic Git version control.

What we won

We won a prize for viability at the event, and the opportunity to take Gabblr further.

What happend to Gabblr

We continued to work on Gabblr after the hackathon, meeting up weekly with employees of Real World Studios. Due to being back at University, as well as Peter Gabriel deciding to return to touring, the project sadly never got finished.

You can view more information about the Gabble project here.